Friday, June 5, 2009

HCG Protocol-The First 3 Days

Injection Day/Load In Day 1...6/3/09...
224.7 lbs
-proceeded to do the Load in...eating everything I wanted, esp. old treats I hadn't had forever. Cheesecake, bagels...unfortunately, a few hours after the shot, I wasn't hungry. Two days of load in and I was ready to throw up...I didn't eat even half of what I'd purchased for the load in days but I really didn't want to get sick.
Injection Day/Load In Day 2...6/4/09...
222.0 lbs
-more food, still no hunger. Feeling alert and awake.
Injection Day/VLCD Day 1...6/5/09
224.7 lbs (so, I gained nothing in my load in days despite stuffing my face-that's a first)
-9am shot...feeling hungry
-drink lots and lots of water (four 16 oz bottles) to stave off the hunger
11am-1 medium sized gala apple and a cup of hot decaf tea with Stevia sweetener
1230pm-3oz of boneless, skinless chicken breast seasoned with garlic powder & sea salt and 5 sticks of celery
2pm-2 more bottles of water
4pm-1 cup of hot Yerba Mate tea
5pm-3oz of steak seasoned with garlic powder & sea salt and 1/2 a package of plain spinach
530pm-diet iced tea
6pm-frozen raspberries with 1/2 packet of Stevia
730pm-15 minute walk with my husband and my dog
830pm-1 cup of hot Yerba Mate tea to bed. I won't lie...I have been hungry ALL DAY LONG. But I survived. I didn't cheat, I did everything according to plan, and I got in my little planned exercise. I feel pretty good, gnawing hunger pangs aside. I didn't wear any make up save a little mascara and lipstick, and I'm just using my organic lotion. I went out tonight and purchased more organic things like shampoo & conditioner, rock crystal deodorant, sugar free breath mints made with xylitol, and hair color. We'll see. :)

We'll see what the morning scale holds for me...:)

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